About the discovery innovation

Modern Natural Languages employ standards which help us write and read as we think and know plus share all kinds of intellectual properties and arts.

When computers were created so to be useful, some key points were missed in the needed design for delivering what the industry has been hoping but has not yet been able to offer, because of the wrong development which was not in harmony with the needed secrets of our own evolution — secrets we refer to as our "Blessed Evolution".

Our "Blessed Evolution", is still a Secret almost all people do not yet know - secrets science is trying to find and prove.

Our Word & Our Cultures


Our world and life are a miraculous gift we all share, and all cultures are promising we better strive for improving creation and longevity of life within the cosmos.

Our cultures are based on the Truths + Facts we accept as everlasting so we can keep living in safe and happy ways which comply with our ongoing evolution on this planet Earth "HaOlam"

Our time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.


Why and who is welcomed to Join Us?

We are the original GURUS for this Open Innovation, which unlike self-serving corporate interest are not taking the liberty of creating standards which do not comply with the natural evolution of technologies in harmony with the created cultures of all peoples as well as human natural image.

Quality Designed by Nature

Global Work

This project is Global as it serves all existing peoples and our future.

Customized Project

This project is customized so to comply with all existing natural languages

The State of this Advanced Art

The state of this art is complying with any global voiceprint in any natural language and by natural logic standards

Contextual Work

SynTexting is the concept of writing concisely a concept, description, knowledge, data, and any Intellectual Property plus art.

Expected Results

In creating new standards, we accept that USCIIIIII-CODE will be certified for use by all nations.

Technological Specialties

The technological capabilities are expected to surpass the full compliance of any human user's natural speech content being captured by a machine and understood as intended with the capability of responding as if the machine is human itself.

Developing Our Team

Here we shall be sharing Team Partners

Amnon M Cohen


Amnon is the innovator of the discovery and the design of the EchoLogical Machine.


Open Position

Project Manager

This position is open for the proper capable centralizer of the advanced development team

Open Position


This position is open for the project's director.

Open Position

Technologies Director

This position is for the director for assembling all related technologies of the project

Open Position

Corporate Partnerships

The Corporate Partnerships Director will be managing the harmony among all Corporate and Academic partners in the project.

Project's Lobbyist

Project Lobbying Director

The project's Lobbyist position can be taken from the inventor so to coordinate the lexical and technological standard created from the proposed solution.