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Secret Talks
The creative art in our project is aimed at this world's peoples response and welcoming the secrets unveiled perspectives exciting new lives visions and complementary ideas provided by our initiated new technological advances promised by leaders of the industrial age that were not yet delivered by promises. We hope that our global contemporary society will welcome and manifest itself to the use of USCIIIIII-CODE in its new ways of complying with the blessed human evolution and more so when compared to the past. Our team of inventors, engineers and artists will work in harmony so to represent their specialized experience and knowledge so to add value plus newness to better safer more enjoyable modern life in appropriately responsible innovative ways.
As gifted inventor, my presentation conveys information from the discovery innovated as the initial author to you reader(s). My presentations are shared here in the typical traditional standards of writing for speech and comprehension meant to inform, explained, inspire, educate, motivate, build goodwill, or present the new idea/product this project is about. “The key elements of my general presentation consists of informing as the presenter of very special new knowhow and a discovery innovated into a valued beneficial and highly needed solution, to single and www audience, at this website, with optional replies to questions from readers by messages in an effective manner.”
Constructive Planning
As you may capture from visiting this website, you have stumbled on to the discovry innovated not as part of a selfish corporate interest but as part of the concept that no one owns a language or culture, and bypassing the patent option by sharing it 21 years earlier for all to benefit, is our way in this project. We are not about acquisition but about global consumers. We seek access to our world’s most brilliant minds and Nobel thinkers for advancing our blessed type design and futuristic growth direction.
Our Global Drive
Our Global Drive is an optional plan for gathering all cultures on our world by the already shared acceptance and awareness of the popular yet secretive truths & Facts of the miraculous creation of life and the cosmos. The TORAH is the basis for the main and most popular TRUTH but in FACT the secrets are documented in a special way while no one still has the truth of facts unveiled. In this project, we are unvailing some of the secrets not yet known or accepted, but on the way for better future as is promised in what some see as the next world because translation has not been shared yet as to the truth of comprehending that the TORAH text writings about the "Becoming World" and not the "Next World". Same is as to "The Garden Of Eden" as the "Everlasting Garden" on the planet where life is everlasting by creation. (More on this later)