About the USCIIIIII-CODE Opportunity

Created to Comply Naturally.

All natural languages had evolved in a similar natural way, over time and in many Global regions by peoples of same origin — yet all natural languages and people do follow the same miraculous and blessed communications way.   USCIIIIII-CODE is proposed as more suitable than ASCII CODE because it has special FONT which covers the needed symbolic instructions needed so that computers can function as promised but not as delivered.  USCIIIIII-CODE is short for "Universal Standard Code for Intensively Interactive International Intelligent Information Interchange

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Our Global Drive
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Key objectives every step of the way

Time Table

The process of delivering the long sought capabilities with the answers at our teams' reach will be very short when compared with the long time the Industry has been searching and promising yet failing to deliver actual wise machines.

Making Comprehension Better than AI can

Designing the new and much improved solution withing an open innovation project which is the most modern and wise way and simply robust to the core.

Superior Quality

A way of preventing mistakes and defects in any products and avoiding problems you now find in the industry, based on the historic success of languages like Hebrew/Eevreet and English as well as other existing popular and less popular languages.

Team Building

A team of wise members who vow to deliver a human dream of understanding creation and serving humanity by working with the blessed solution towards expected the final extremely rewarding achievement.

Following here is a video, showing a promise of  AI capability not actually delivered because of limited vision and ignoring inventors by major corporate greed ignorance plus arrogance.


Soaring to the Top by simplest wisdom and Creativity

Unlimited Consultation

Contact for help.

Resource Management

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We Aim to be the best yet

Bunch of Experts wanted

Linguist Multilingual

Code Approval Director

Academic specialist for finalizing the universal syntexting code needed for echological machines and humans.

Echological Computer Designer

Advanced Computer Design Director

Computers' design specialist for taking the New Miracle Numerical Machine into its Universal Echological Machine capabilities in all natural languages by all universal users personal voiceprints and logic.

Echological Hardware Engineering

Electronic Hardware Designer

Director of the initiative of ajusting the software capability to run all automatic assistants of the echological computer robots class of machines

Financial Administrator

Project's Financial Manager

Financial division of the project coordinations director and administrator

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Words for our Readers and Partners

Customers  Worldwide in any and all fields

"A real growth opportunity for people with vision and honorable objectives"

Icky Partner

"This simple concept is suitable for blind persons and not only for anyone who is serching for a smart or smartest computer to hel with everthing that can be welcomed help in our life"

Opheer Olam Contributor

"This WebSite is under new contraction, as a special opportunity for developing what others had not been able to do, over more than half a century"

Amnon M Cohen Project Manager