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The creative art in our project is aimed at this world's peoples response and welcoming the secrets unveiled perspectives exciting new lives visions and complementary ideas provided by our initiated new technological advances promised by leaders of the industrial age that were not yet delivered by promises. We hope that our global contemporary society will welcome and manifest itself to the use of USCIIIIII-CODE in its new ways of complying with the blessed human evolution and more so when compared to the past. Our team of inventors, engineers and artists will work in harmony so to represent their specialized experience and knowledge so to add value plus newness to better safer more enjoyable modern life in appropriately responsible innovative ways.

Word with Deeper Thinking Depth

Cultures had evolved by religious fears from the unknown, and accumulating understandings of the secrets of creation, being, evolution of all living, managing the present and preparing for the better safer future.

SynTexting Of EchLogical Machines is possible by the special FONT of the New Miracle Miraculous Machine.

Taking the written format of languages beyond its limitations into the realm of singing and prayers as well as concise written form of any personal name or place without distorted or alteration so to fit the limitations of the language, is what we are doing.

Writing a though within one sentence is not yet a capability offered by any Natural language, which is why "Natural Logic SynTexting" has been added to the USCIIIIII-CODE.   Complexed sentence structure has been added by the new code and not only full spectrum of proper speech for its recognition plus reproduction  by machines, in any personal voiceprint of any of the billions of global users of computers and everywhere electronic communications is employed

The new miracle numerical machine has 3 automatic assistants as well as the user (bus/channel) and its self for online or local performance.  The assistants can be activated in one or more languages, and each is capable beyond the limitations of existing automatic assistants, bots or alike.

The objective of the project is delivering THE GOLEM which has the capability of meeting the human-mind by its electronic-brain.