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As gifted inventor, my presentation conveys information from the discovery innovated as the initial author to you reader(s). My presentations are shared here in the typical traditional standards of writing for speech and comprehension meant to inform, explained, inspire, educate, motivate, build goodwill, or present the new idea/product this project is about. “The key elements of my general presentation consists of informing as the presenter of very special new knowhow and a discovery innovated into a valued beneficial and highly needed solution, to single and www audience, at this website, with optional replies to questions from readers by messages in an effective manner.”

Innovation of A Century.

The Discovery based innovation is not yet known for others than the inventor, but as its impacts is real vast and historical, it will be recognized as one of the most important in centuries, not just the one it has been unveiled for use.   Thiis is so, as it also unveils the blessed cultural truths of everness as is documented in the Bible

Good Quality

The Superior Quality of this innovation is its gifted compliance with existing traditions, while solving technologic problems and opening a new safe future for all .

Value for Money

Money is not the focus of the inventor or the project, not because it is highly profitable but mostly as no one actually owns a language which is the way of private corporate monopolies and the reason for the limitations in what they have provided by promising much and delivering little new.

Public Interest

Designing important new beneficial, safe and  much improved technologic tools and capabilities, calls for highly responsible projects which are managed by highly diligent managers and not only with focused on being overall modern and robust to the core.

Customized Project

The project is custimized by its wisdom of innovating the discovery for popular global use.

The problem of naming places and personal, is just the beginning of the problems the inventor had started resolving, because also we all have personal voices, preferences, logic, knowhow, education, aims and objectives, needs and likes or dislikes but we all need the perfection of exact performance, service and delivery.

Wars are about nations retaining or gaining what is historically belongs to any of the many peoples on our planet.  Every Nation, in many cases, has a language and culture to protect and keep, beyond the territorial and economic and treasures it has, and our project is a new tool for better global harmony with all people of all peoples as well as keep these languages and cultures which had evolved and are cherished worldwide.   These are the basic reasons behind our project

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