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As you may capture from visiting this website, you have stumbled on to the discovry innovated not as part of a selfish corporate interest but as part of the concept that no one owns a language or culture, and bypassing the patent option by sharing it 21 years earlier for all to benefit, is our way in this project. We are not about acquisition but about global consumers. We seek access to our world’s most brilliant minds and Nobel thinkers for advancing our blessed type design and futuristic growth direction.

Constructive thinking

Progress is made in wise steps to reaching the set goals. Many steps may be needed, but the road is paved already with the planned "New Miracle Numerical Machine Design".

Designed Artistically

Following the needed innovation so to form the basis for the advanced capability according to complying with already existing standards in use, the special instructions were designed as if they were part of already existing standards in use by natural languages.

Innovated Practically

The symbolic instructions and the concise speech instructions were extended from already used standards in very old languages.

Implemented Wisely

All innovations of the solution are designed to comply with existing global academic standards and not as best for corporate monopoly interests - resulting with standard which compliments existing standards and not creating self-interest ones


Our constructive planning, is based on the acceptability of the solution by complying with the reasoning we had started with in the providing of the solution.

Sadly, after more then half a century from starting the evolution/development of computing and smarter computers, all the industry had been able to create is a game level Artificial Intelligence and Search+Find levels or assistance, which are based on commercial interests more than on academic and scientific achievements' innovations or discoveries as it is in our project