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Our Global Drive is an optional plan for gathering all cultures on our world by the already shared acceptance and awareness of the popular yet secretive truths & Facts of the miraculous creation of life and the cosmos. The TORAH is the basis for the main and most popular TRUTH but in FACT the secrets are documented in a special way while no one still has the truth of facts unveiled. In this project, we are unvailing some of the secrets not yet known or accepted, but on the way for better future as is promised in what some see as the next world because translation has not been shared yet as to the truth of comprehending that the TORAH text writings about the "Becoming World" and not the "Next World". Same is as to "The Garden Of Eden" as the "Everlasting Garden" on the planet where life is everlasting by creation. (More on this later)

Upcoming Release Season

The basic solution hass been ready, but because we are working with established cultures and languages plus standards, any changes must comply with the past and future in a way all people and peoples will be accepting and pleased with, because it is simple, effective, powerful and conscise solution.   The solution is ased on special FONTS which will be serving as Instructions' Code as simple as creating a sentence and fully explessing a complicated thought, idea, concept, are, data, knowladge and alike

Initial Applicable Languages developmental progress, where all other will follow.

English/Super English
Spanish/Super Spanish

Our Global Drive is the introduction of the "Universal Standard Code for Intensively Interactive, International Intelligent Information Interchange - or USCIIIIII-CODE in short.   Unlike existing programing languages, this solution starts with what we refer to as "Super Natural Languages" which is an upgrade of existing languages beyond existing limitations for SynTexting Natural Logic and Speech as well as advancing speech into its singing/prayer levels because human languages are spiritual expressions of selves

Symbolic Instructions' code is the same for all languages, as it is in the standard of creating a sentence and its proper punctuations as well as the additional intonations which are added as diacritics to the written syllables of the USCIIIIII-CODE FONT.

USCIIIIII-CODE is also applicable for programing the EchoLogical Machines, mostly by its Natural Logic Instruction sector of the CODE.